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If you’re anything like me, I like to know more about a person before I really start trusting them and listening to what they say…

I found myself one day completely embarrassed and unhappy in my life.

I had an OK job as a High School Physics Teacher. That’s what I opted into doing after coming to the USA, leaving behind (in Zimbabwe) a University lecturer job.

Mine wasn’t a great job, on the money side, but it was pretty fulfilling and noble, helping to shape lives for the future. But I remember the specific point in time where it all came to a halt…

I remember looking into my son’s innocent bright eyes full of love yet doubting if his father was just a blatant waffler and liar who didn’t hold his promises to the test.

You see, I had promised my son that I would take him to Disney for a vacation. This was our second summer vacation together and I was still failing to fulfill that promise to my son.

I felt stung! My son’s words to me still ring loud in my ears. He simply said to me: “dad, you lied to me, summer is almost over and this is the second time I’m going back to TN without going to Disney”!!

That was it, I looked down at him with tears in my eyes and said LOUDLY … I QUIT!

Right at that moment I decided to leave my very comfortable and noble but financially unfulfilling JOB!

I was allowing this job to make me conform to playing small in life at the expense of my ONLY son at the moment! That had to change! I had to change it myself!

I just couldn’t keep on disappointing my son…

I wasn’t living a life I wanted… I was living a life I was tolerating!

I made the decision right there that something had to change.

That night as soon as I got home after praying and putting my son in bed, I went online and started searching for ways to use the internet to own a business from home… I knew already that only entrepreneurship would get me financially sound in this great capitalist country … That’s when I was first introduced to internet home based business.

I struggled a lot in that first endeavor. I quit my job without any capital or even savings.

All I had was the Burning Desire to change what wasn’t working for me anymore.

I learnt a lot through trial and error back then, I was really alone and yet I had shelled out thousands of borrowed money into that business.

I however decided to do all I could to learn. I was introduced to reading books Like Think and Grow Rich ( I can send you a PDF format of that one if you haven’t read it yet).

l learnt prospecting skills and sales processes.

Back then, Marketing skills and lead generation wasn’t really taught in that space.

I was buying expensive leads and making calls to strangers without making anything back!!

My life was getting deeper into debt and scary territory….

In my desperation, 3 years later since starting out in my business journey, I decided to find out if there was a system and company that really taught everything marketing as well as provided almost hand holding coaching!

That’s when I FOUND The System that changed my life!

Business and Life quickly changed for me…

I purchased it instantly even though I had a lot of skepticism (from taking so many knocks before) in my head… But thankfully I also had hope, and that feeling won!

As soon as I spoke to my coach and began going through the simple guided coaching program, my eyes were opened to a HUGE possibility that I never knew existed for me.

In just 1 month since joining the system SO much had changed for me!

I followed all their recommendations and trusted the process they showed me. I didn’t really have any savings, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to really afford to build a business, but where there’s a true Burning Desire for something, a way is always provided… Nothing is ever big enough to stop a Burning Desire, trust me on that one! It happened for me

I went All IN… (I positioned myself for maximum profits with the business system)!

I didn’t only make money from my business,… I actually had a multiple 4 figure income day soon afterwards – talk about leverage! I had my first 5 figure monthly income that same month too..

It took longer for me to get my boy to Disney, but YES, making that huge, seemingly scary change in my life WORKED!

I’m so excited for the opportunity to grow this business and reach out to people like you who are probably facing the same challenges and Fear as I did.

I want to help share the same skills I have also accumulated over the years. I want to show you (if you’re seeking for a similar Change) that this IS REAL and it can Work for you too!

Are You Seeking to Learn how you too can change your financial situation and hence the lives of your loved ones, I invite you to partner with me in this Life Changing Business System and also Change Your Life?

I started out alone, thinking I was smart to figure it out alone, I’m pretty smart I believe (I hold an MSc in Physics 🙂 ) but navigating the field of business without guidance is something I will tell you to never attempt.
I slowed down my own progress and success and wasted thousands of borrowed dollars by trusting in my own smarts even though my results were telling a different story!

DON’T Be like me back then!

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