I am Godsave Tichadini

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Financial Services Agent

About me

Name: Godsave Tichadini

Profile: Serial Digital Entrepreneur

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 7866711778

I'm a father and business owner, who's passionate about empowering ordinary people realize their potential and decide to achieve that utmost version of themselves. I believe in creating true and total freedom (financial, location, and time) through entrepreneurship and personal development.

I didn't start out in life as a business owner, far from it! I grew up in very humble conditions, down in the Southern part of Africa. While I got a decent education, holding a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics, I struggled to get ahead financially. I was fortunate to quickly realize that my academic education alone wasn't going to cut it for me and my family. I decided to find out other ways of creating unlimited income streams. That led me into investing into my personal education: business and financial. It hasn't been a straight path but through determination and the right mentorship, today I live a life of continuous growth and achievement.

My goal in life today and always is to empower those who seek to achieve more in their own lives. I want to coach you in those skills that I have learnt through investing in myself. I challenge you to decide to go for your own freedom. I pledge to be a true coach to you. I will guide you yes, I will mentor you yes, but always allowing you to leave your own trail of amazing experiences! I'm excited to hear your ambitions, help you plan and execute their achievement!.


Lead Generation, Financial Services, Ecommerce.

Messenger Marketing

Make no mistake, Facebook Messenger has revolutionized how marketers can access and grow their audience on Facebook and websites that use many of Facebook’s extensions. Please understand that Facebook is not just one platform, it is actually a set of related properties. It also shares key parts of its functionality with third-party websites. By doing so, Facebook extends its reach throughout the rest of the Internet. In fact, the Facebook ad network is second to Google’s ad network in terms of reach and size. If you want to drive a lot of free traffic to your website, you need to have a coherent Facebook strategy. A short few years ago, Facebook launched Messenger and allowed it to operate with bots, this has presented a tremendous opportunity for online marketers and business owners as far as traffic generation and sales recruitment go. If you would care, I am going to teach you how Facebook Messenger works, how you can create bots that would work with Facebook Messenger so you can grow your audience, and most importantly, drive qualified traffic to your website..

Financial Strategies Coach

The One area where many people simply plan to fail by failing to plan. We have spent some time learning stategies and tricks you too can use to accumulate, grow, save/keep and protect not only your money, but your valuable assets. Let us help you with our amazing tools and services

Personal Development and Business Coaching

Over the last 10 years, we have deeply immersed ourselves in understanding the power of working on one's own mind to achieve short as well as long term goals in business and life in general. We continue to learn and grow each and everyday but at this point, we are sure able to help you start and/or continue on your own lifepath and journey of unlimited potential and success.

Our Services

We do offer a range of services that you might find interesting and helpful in your personal life and business. We have listed a few below. Feel free to click all the hyperlinked texts to get an indepth view of what our results oriented marketing services.

Digital Marketing

We do it all: Facebook Lead Generation using messenger bots, social media posts, FB group marketing, etc. Google Ads, Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn marketing etc.

Financial Services

We teach you how to safeguard the livelihood of yourself and your loved ones through smart financial decisions and strategies. We work with reputable, 100+ years old companies to set you up even for those golden years that are sure to come if blessed with a long life (we want you to be!).